The company

Every taste, drop, and bite is the reflection of classic ingredients and flavours originating from the Emilia-Romagna region brought into modern times. Conserving its flavours and enriching them with new undertones, Le Spiritose di Bologna stem from Simonetta Mazzoni’s desire to reconcile childhood memories with ethical values and a healthy life style. Achieved with selected organic and vegan ingredients, our products embody the traditional tastes and smells of our region, and welcome the needs of consumers who pay attention to natural and healthy products.

The team

Simonetta Mazzoni

Born in 1959. Degree in political and social sciences, master in psicology and management. Simonetta has already worked succesfully in the family business and now she started her own project. Thanks to her business and personal interest in different cultures she has travelled the world, meeting any kind of people all of them very inspiring under both the social and human point of view.

”My way toward a more ethical diet has grown little by little inside my heart and my mind. My very strong desire and purpose is not to poison our mother hearth anymore, because this means poisoning ourselves. Love for our hearth and for the ones who don’t have enough strength to protect themselves”.

Simonetta has a daughter Rosita, a son in law Davide and a grandchild Diego. She practises yoga and meditation and is vegetarian since many years.

Luca Di Gioia – associate and cooperator

Born in 1986 degree in chemistry. He is passionately dedicated to the research and study of raw materials to create recipes tasty and healthy at the same time, to improve the wealth of our body. He is very active in the research of new product and excellence in all national territory.

Francesco Del Carlo – co-worker

Born in 1985 in the world of organic agricolture since generations. He is involved in production with love and attention following the technical craft tecniques past on by tradition, within the up-to-date standards.