Ingredients (4/5 people):
• 180 g worth of one day old bread
• 270 g organic tomatoes
• 200 g organic cucumber
• 35 g Spanish Red Onions or shallots
• 20 Basi leafs
• Salamoie Le Spiritose di Bologna Orange, Lemon and Chilli
• Salt, pepper and organic white wine vinegar
Cut the one day old bread into cubes, and soak it into cold water until it becomes soft… but without exaggerating! Wash (but do not peel) and slice the cucumber lengthwise and then into thin pieces, and do the same with the tomatoes. Cut into thin slices the onion/ shallots. Proceed by mixing the vegetables with the pre-prepared bread, dressing it with
plenty of organic extra virgin olive oil Le Spiritose di Bologna, pepper, Salamoie Le Spiritose di Bologna Orange, Lemon and Chilli, and a few drops of white wine vinegar. At this point, add the basil, and leave it to rest for an hour in the fridge…and then its ready to eat!